Herewith we publish the most common questions (FAQ) and ask you to send your requests by email or via form, if you did not find the answer to your questions here.

Q: Why the boat has lifing keel, does it make the system more complicated ?

A: The construction of keel-well is much stronger then standard fixing of keel body by bolts. Also the keel-well has "crash-box" and rubber shock absorber, which is much safety in case of touching or  hard grounding. The lifting mechanism is  simple electric 4x4 winch and Spectra rope gear, it  takes just about 1 minute to lift the keel. No any hydraulic, leakage and pumps of electro-hydraulic system, cheap and easy repair or replace, if any.

Q: What is the advantages of lifing keel compare with fixed keel  ?

A: The perfomance boat shoud have good stability  to run with big sails and the draft or weigh accordingly, but the deep drafted boats have limitation for entering the shallow water marinas, bays or rivers. The lifiting keel allow to have the best distribution of ballast weight and ability to enter in shallow harbours.

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