NEW fast cruising yachts with pilothouse, lifting keel and water ballast

Herewith we present the new line of fast cruising sailing yachts SOLER with pilothouse and lifting keel.     When the production yachts are built mostly for charter or marina hoping sailing, there are no many pilothouse yachts on the market for long range cruising. Most of them custom and rather expensive, others are very old and their design is from the past, the pilothouse is related to motorsailers, heavy boats with short rig and powerful engine.
We make new step forward and offer the complete new and modern design of  performance pilothouse yachts Soler. The concept of this yacht combine the comfort of all weather sailing with performance of racing yachts. You will get a lot in one boat: modern light hull with balanced heeled waterlines, comfort of enclosed pilothouse or deck salon, lifting keel, side water ballast, cocpit optimized for single handed sailing, practical interior and  moderate price.

Alexander E. Morozov  (Morozov Yachts)

The Soler yacht range is a new generation of the traditional pilothouse yachts such as the Fisher, LM, Colvic, Nauticat, Degero, transferred onto platform of modern hull form with advantages of new materials, technologies and equipment. The concept of Soler yachts is based on SSS principle:  Speed - Simplicity - Safety. Paros yacht charter

The Soler yachts are designed for a small crew, singlehanded or couple. The boat is highly stable at all courses with the assistance of water ballast for extra performance, so there is no need for the crew weight on the gunwale.

All Soler yachts have a powerful sailing ability, especially in the hands of experienced sailors, a high S/D ratio of about 15 m2/t, compared to about 8-10 m2/t  of an average production cruising boat. The model Soler-35 MS (MotorSailer) has less sail area and more powerful diesel engine or outboard motor, this model is good for newcomers and family cruisers for inshore and inner waterways cruising.

The fully enclosed pilothouse with inner steering position and salon is the key to the great comfort  for cruising in any weather condition, in Northern or Southern climates. The layout of the boats is optimised for 2 people and an occasional 1-2 guests on board. The pilothouse with salon is the ideal living space with horizon to horizon visibility while at sea, at anchor or in the port. The wide beam provides a generous cockpit, good for handling the sails and for relaxing in the port.

The interior is made of  sandwich panels with wood trimming and upholstery details, which is very practical for everyday use and low maintenance. The Soler yachts range don’t pretend to be luxurious boats, they are simple, practical and comfortable for living aboard and for good sailing at sea.

The Soler yachts have at least 3 watertight bulkheads and an isolated machine and battery compartment. Most of the systems, equipment and engine are located in this watertight machine space, which increases the reliability of the boat in high seas. The watertight compartments and additional water ballast tanks add extra floatation volume and safety for the boat.  

The hull, deck and bulkheads are made of modern composite sandwich construction, cured with vacuum infusion technology. The hull construction has the choice of vinylester, epoxy or bio-resin with glassfire, carbon or basalt-fiber, any change in layout, materials and specification can be made upon order of client.

The stainless steel lifting keel with lead bulb is fixed while in the lowered or raised position for additional safety in case of grounding or storage ashore. This construction of keel-box is stronger and more reliable than traditional fastening with keel bolts. In the raised position the draft is reduced to a minimum for entering shallow ports, rivers or cruising in shallow waters like the Caribbean or transit the French canals.

The hull has a very modern hull form with symmetrical heeled waterlines and high initial stability for better performance and directional stability. Twin rudders in combination with symmetrical waterlines increase seaworthiness and minimize the risk of broaching in big seas.

Standard propulsion is a diesel engine with a saildrive and folding propeller. There is an optional hybrid diesel-electric drive propulsion  in combination with solar panels and a hyrdo-generators.

As the yachts are built  to order, the building specification and interior styling to be chosen during preparation of the building contract. The best equipment available on the market on date of construction is always selected.

The Soler yachts range are designed and built as per ISO RCD CE rules with appropriate certification.Soler-35/38/42/52 have category “A” (Ocean) and Soler-35 MS with category “B” or "C" depends of type of keel.

All Soler yachts have a 3 year guarantee for hull construction and appropriate guarantee from manufacturer of equipment.

The yachts Soler are building by Alexander Morozov (Morozov Yachts), as contractor, at boatyard in Poland. The Morozov Yacht build custom boats from 1998, each boat is original and the Soler yachts are just confirmed it, more info:

The model line of Soler yachts is designed by Teixido&Harrold Yacht Design (Spain), who have knowledge of modern composites and fresh view in yacht design. More info:

The Soler yachts are built upon order under contract with the client. We sale the yachts directly to the owner and not use the traditional channels like dealers, broker agents, boatshows or printed advertising. All information will be available via internet based sources and word of mouth with personal test sail.

The first boat Soler-35 FC will be available for tests on water by November 2014 in Empuriabrava in Spain (Barcelona, Girona, Perpinian airports)

Today, the Soler yachts are the only performance yachts with pilothouse, optimized for single handlers, they are not not racing boats, but their performance ability is higher than most of the fully crewed racing yachts. 
Fair winds and good sailing !!!


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