Presentation SOLER-35 FC

Sailing yacht Soler-35 FC (Fast Cruiser) is designed for experienced sailors, for whom the level of mainstream cruiser is not interested even for cruising.
The size 35 feet (10.7 m) and layout of the yacht is big enough for comfortable living aboard of couple with occasional guests and small enough for easy handling by one person.
The moderate size is good for European marinas with their growing costs of berthing.

  • Lifting keel and possibility to reduce the draft to 1.5 m, make possible the entering to shallow waters and passing the French channels from Baltic to Mediterranean sea.

  • The enclosed pilothouse is very comfortable for cruising in all areas and seasons. When the electric reverse winches are installed, the full control for the boat is possible from inside the pilothouse.

  • The yacht has excellent course stability and steering, thanks to her symmetrical balanced waterlines and twin effective rudders.

  • The yacht has the side water ballast tanks for better performance and comfort sailing on long tacks.

  • It is possible the installation of diesel engine from 20 h.p. with saildraive and folding propeller or hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system.

  • The combination of solar panels, wind or hydro generators makes the yacht practically independent of shore base.

  • The standard specification will be sent upon request, the options will be agreed in building specififcation of contract.

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